15 SolarMovies.to Alternatives In 2019 To Stream Free Movies

All of us like watching good movies, web series and a lot of other stuff. Is it possible every time to keep glued to the television? Honestly, it is not. So, to not miss any good content, the internet has started streaming TV shows and movies.

Viewing on the internet is both flexible as well as easy to be reached. You must have heard of the SolarMovie to be a good platform. Here you can choose movies according to the various categories that are available.

But the problem with SolarMovie is not every does it opens in a hassle-free manner. Problems have been noticed while streaming too. Further, because of some kind of copyright issues, few of the ISPs have banned the site.

What to do now? Your favorite SolarMovie sites have been blocked.

Well, when there are a lot of other solarmovie alternative 2018, why to worry! The alternatives to permit you to watch everything for free.

Best Solarmovie.sc Like Sites In 2018

1. M4ufree

When your objective is to search for a good SolarMovie alternative, M4ufree is the best one. It is one of the best websites that provides you with a massive collection of a lot of media content.

Features like release date, quality, genre are also cited for every content. You can rely on this website. Various premium shows are available here. Just check its list and click on the film that you are willing to watch. Once you click on the movie, its streaming process starts right away.

What’s best about the M4ufree is that you do not need to create an account or register or sign up.

Besides the films, there’s much more! In the world of a lot of TV series going on the buzz now, all the latest episodes are available here.

2. Iomovies

This is another alternative to SolarMovie that is rich in features. Perhaps, richer than the SolarMovies, you never know!

Its wonderfully crafted user interface is sure to attract you. So, whenever you feel bored, visit iomovies .to. Its variety of content will never let to sit with a long face. This is a storehouse of all the top rated movies.

Now, you no more need to run to the theatres to watch the latest movies. Iomovies has it all for you.

Besides the good collection of movies, it also has ratings and a brief review of each movie. So, before you watch the movies, you get a summary of it before selecting to watch.

The genres of the movies are divided into all-time hits, latest movies, classical movies, hits of the year and so on and so forth.

TV series or what you commonly call web series is a new addition to the Iomovies. Click on the genres. Choose the genre that you like. Finally, select your favored movie. Easy, right?

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3. 123Movies

Well, this is a very common site. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for the users to access through it. Your task has become simpler. Simply look for the film that you wish to watch. That’s it!

Since its collection is huge, you are sure to get whatever you want. Starting from the late 60s to the present, movies of all periods can reach you with a single click.

You must be wondering, 123movies is a copy paste of the Iomovies and M4ufree. Well, readers, 123movies hub has a uniqueness in it.

There’s a separate genre that is absent from other movie sites. It is the country genre. You can choose movies from whichever country you feel like. Let me explain with an example. If a movie is produced in Britain, it will fall into the category of Britain.

The latest hits are covered in the featured section. Along with films, TV series too, are a part of it now.

4. Movie4k

This is one of the fastest and a trustworthy site. As a substitute for SolarMovies, this too will satisfy you. The basic structure of the site is simple. You can easily handle the whole procedure.

Regarding the quality of the movies and the shows, webrip to HD, everything is broadcasted. Coming to its collection, it’s huge! You are not bound to choose a particular movie or site. Watching movies is at your discretion.

The genres available are drama, action, thriller, comedy, animated series and many more. Along with this, a lot of TV shows too are available.

The USP of this site is its availability of live TV.

5. Movie Watcher

Are you looking for watching movies for free? Well, there are a lot many. But how many of them are secured? You will find most of them as malware. Besides, too many ads are irritating. You will never like too many ads hindering in between your movies.

To get rid of all these disturbances, choose Movie watcher. It is absolutely free. Never in your whole life will it charge you any amount for a subscription.

Its attractive design is sure to attract you. All the recent releases both in the case of movies and TV shows are available.

6. Rainierland

Although you may not know much about it, that does not mean it is not up to the mark. Do not underestimate Rainier Land. Its competitors have missed out a lot of its features.

Its clear user interface is very easy to handle. Other than focusing on the recent releases, there is a recommendation list for you. You are free to choose anyone. When you are in a dilemma to choose the movie, go through this recommendation list.

All the first rated movies of IMDb are found here. As a whole, Rainier Land is a good substitute for SolarMovies.

7. Vumoo

To speak the truth, Vumoo is the best alternative to SolarMovies. The site is so well-created that you are never going to leave it.

Similar to the other movie sites, Vumoo also forecasts a number of recent movies and TV shows. What is special about this site is that you get many mirror quality links for all the movies.

A second feature of the Vumoo is that the user is free to choose the quality of the movies. Both HD quality and full HD quality are available.

While you are in the process of watching a movie, you will have to face the least amount of lag. Also, there is a searching bar present. Lastly, its fast and efficient working is noteworthy.

8. Haloa Movies

Well, this is one of the largest databases of films. Movies from the good old classics to the recent ones everything is available under one umbrella.

For the better usage of the users and making things easier, the Halo movies have a search bar as well. Type the movie name or the latest video that is going viral. Press enter. Your online content will appear soon.

The site has been designed for the easy usage of the users. All things can be done without a single penny.

Click on its menu option. You will find a long queue of movies. The genres are most popular, highly rated, movies according to year and movie series. Apart from these, there are comedy, action, thriller, suspense, drama, etc.

9. Yify

If you want to entertain yourself with some recent movies and TV shows, watch all of them at Yify. It is perhaps one of the most popular torrent services.

If you find any site not opening, simply type ‘best Yify proxy sites’ and search on it. Instantly, you can get the original movies in HD quality.

Coming to the features of Yify, it has a clear and clean user interface. Plus, there is a search bar to get you to the movies as quickly as possible. Further, as a mark of recommendation, all the latest and popular movies come up. Before watching a movie, you can go through a short summary of each movie.

10. Yes Movies

Of course, there are a lot of options available when you are looking for the alternative to SolarMovies. One such alternative is the Yes Movies that stream movies, TV shows, and web series as well.

The look of the site of Yes Movies is very formal. All the latest movies can be found here. When you hear of the latest online content, the subscription money comes to your mind first. Well, folks, you need not worry about it. Not a farthing will be charged for subscription or registration. Neither will you be asked to open an account and sign in. all types of content can be accessed at an ease.

Click on the videos of the movie or TV show or web episode and sit back to watch it. Never will an option of signup pop up in front of your eyes.

The movies and other online content are sorted as per the various genres. Besides, country, rating and release year is also taken into consideration.

So, watch your favorite online content on a happy Sunday!

11. CartoonsOn

As the name suggests, I hope you can guess what the site’s content can be. Well, it is based only on a cartoon, an animation series, and animated movies.

As a whole, this is perfect for kids!

All animated movies starting from the cute Nemo, to Dinosaur, Minions, and every favorite cartoon series are available here. You can watch all the items for free. The movie yardstick is not only limited to the new cartoon series. It extends to the old classical ones as well.

So, whenever you go out to work or for a dinner date with your husband, make your kids sit in front of the CartoonsOn channel. Both the parents and the kids will be happy.

12. Putlocker

Since it is a very common site, you must have heard about the Putlocker. Although the name is not quite interesting, that does not mean you will neglect it. Not paying attention to this site will be your loss.

The huge collection of movies here makes it one of the best sites for movies. If you have to watch a movie on Putlocker you need not worry about it. It is simple and does not take much time in streaming of the video.

All movies are divided as per the genres. Besides genres, there is the year of release.

The site is designed in such a simple format that navigating through it is not at all difficult. You will love the design too. As soon as you click on the play button, the video starts streaming.

Its server is capable of tackling quite a heavy amount of load. As a whole, you can call Putlocker new name of 2018 to be one of the most enjoyable sites. Whenever you have a free time, get into Putlockerwatch.

13. Primewire

Another substitute for SolarMovies is the Primewire show.

All kinds of entertaining media content, starting from the movies to the TV shows and the newly found web episodes, everything can be served by the Primewire show channel.

All the links present under this site is in the working condition. Getting a broken link is your bad luck. If you are browsing in a particular movie, you will find more than one mirror links available. Click on any one you prefer. Therefore, if you find any link not working, you have other link options.

What should you do if you get confused about movies? Do nothing but scroll done the recommendation list or you try some alternatives for Primewire in 2018.

14. MegaShare

You can call MegaShare to be a sister branch of Primewire show. There’s a lot of similarity between the two. Its user interface is almost the same as that of Primewire Show.

In MegaShare, no subscription or a new account is required. Anyone and everyone can use it. Watching a movie here is not at all a complicated process. You just have to click on the movie and wait a few seconds for streaming. That’s it!

15. Los-Movies

Another user-friendly site for watching online media content is the Los Movies. What makes it suitable for all beginners is its design. Everything is so clearly mentioned!

Again, it offers movies for free. There’s no problem while streaming too. As a whole, it can be called an alternative to SolarMovies.

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