11 Rabb.it Alternatives: Sites like Rabb.it To Watch Videos

Don’t you just love watching movies with your friends and families? But what if you move out of your hometown?

How will you get an opportunity to have those Sunday night specials with them anymore?

Or how will you entertain yourselves with the commenting on a scene and sharing the joke?

Well, there is a possibility and all thanks to technology for the same. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that with the help of the sites like Rabb.it this is a possibility.

So what does it do?

Well, it allows you to listen to music or stream movies and share the same with your friends and families over a video interface. Now, how cool is that? But what happens just in case there is some trouble accessing Rabb.it from your device?

Or maybe you are bored of it and want to try something new! Is there anything that you can do?

Of course, you can! This is exactly why you must make sure that you are aware of the alternatives to the tool that you can use and in this case, it is rabb.it alternatives.

So let us understand that what are the 11 best alternatives to Rabb.it that you can make the best use of!

11 Alternative Sites like Rabb.it

Following is the list of the 11 best alternatives to Rabb.it that you can use:

1. Rave


This is one of the best alternatives to that of the Rabb.it that you can come across with. It has some of the mind-blowing features that one can come across with.


  • This site has a great and simple interface to deal with.
  • Virtual rooms to share stuff,
  • Get your own chatroom too.
  • You can easily upload your own videos and manage them at the same time.

Can create or manage the existing chats in the best way possible.

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2. SimulChat

This Rabb.it alternative is a must if you want to share great content with the loved ones and of course, this is an alternative you can rely on. It has its headquarters in South Africa. There are a variety of different features that can offer you some of the best results.


  • You can watch YouTube videos together just sharing it in the synced platforms.
  • You have to share your own videos though.
  • You can maintain privacy by sharing the password with someone you trust.

You can make video calls and share files as well.

3. myCircle.TV

This Rabb.it like sites, is also worth looking which has its headquarters in England. It was founded in the vary year of 2011. This is available for free to the people and has a range of some cool features.


  • No registration required.
  • This site has a great and simple interface to deal with.
  • Virtual rooms to share stuff,
  • Get your own chatroom too.
  • You can easily upload your own videos and manage them at the same time.
  • Can create or manage the existing chats in the best way possible.

Here are some of the websites like primewire for tv shows and I bet you, you cannot ignore it once you start using it.

4. Watch Together

Watch Together is one of the best alternative to Rabb.it and its name here says it all. Another of the best which has its headquarter in Germany. When it comes to one of the best alternatives, then this is one almost anyone will recommend.


  • You can absolutely share your social media profiles with your friends over this.
  • You can create playlists in accordance to your own preferences.
  • You can also make sure that the shopping from sites like Amazon is something you don’t miss on.
  • You can watch things from various sites like YouTube as well as Vimeo.

5. BlaTube

The BlaTube is another superb alternative to the Rabb.it. Of course, you must understand that the BlaTube has features that can make you stay on it forever. This comes with various likable specifications.


  • It is available for free to you without any problem at all.
  • You will not have to register on the site to get an access through it as well.
  • Dropbox or YouTube videos will also be shareable on this site.
  • You can also take control over the other synced PC.
  • There are active rooms where you can participate.

6. Synaptop

Headquartered at Pennsylvania, the Synaptop has definitely managed to get people through with enough entertainment. It is probably one of the best sites that can be as similar as Rabb.it.

This is a site that also has an application to it for an easy access to from the phones that you have.


  • This site is available for absolutely free.
  • It works on any operating system that you can come across with.
  • Read books, watch movies or listen to music on it without any problem!

You get real-time collaboration as well as texts and chatting options with this.

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7. AndChill

Getting an alternative that the least of complicated amongst all is a blessing. And the AndChill is exactly that and more. This is exactly why it is bestowed with an award for being one of the best alternatives to the Rabb.it.


  • Creation of new room just with a click.
  • Sharing videos and music with just a click and nothing more to worry about.
  • Will also offer you with active public groups.
  • Great UX and UI that you can get from here.
  • Sharing links with this is also one of the easiest things to do!

8. Gaze

If you are looking for some of the best alternatives, the Gaze definitely makes a place in it without a problem. There are commendable features that this site has to offer to the people of course.


  • Chat or texting feature that can help you communicate easily.
  • You will have a chance at a demo of the utilization of the site.
  • You can play various formats of videos and audios on it without much problem.
  • You can easily share these videos with your friends and families to watch.

9. Together Tube

This site made its way into the market in 2012. It has its headquarters in that of Germany. Of course, the features of the site are much enticing for the people.


  • Sharing of link with an N number of friends is an option.
  • You get to search for the videos,
  • You will get a synchronized player as well as a voting system,
  • The built-in chat system is going to be a cool help.

Not much problem in starting the player in the first place.

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10. Sync-Video

Founded in the year of 2013 and with its headquarters at Poland, this is one of the easiest alternatives that you can get your hands on. The features are really interesting here.


  • Creating a virtual room on this site is not a necessity for you.
  • You can absolutely watch videos from YouTube directly without a problem.
  • There are extensions for chrome as well as Firefox here.

It supports various formats of the files.

11. Wavelength

There is so much to Wavelength that one can hardly imagine of the same. There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that the this has great features for the people all in all.


  • Creating chatrooms is really easy on this site.
  • Streaming videos for free is another of the best features.
  • You can easily share the videos and audios with friends easily.
  • Inviting friends is also easy.

When you want to watch or share entertainment with your friends and family from a distance apart, then finding the best means is exactly what you should concentrate on. These are some of those best tools for you and your family. Keep reading NerdBoomers.com for more stuff.