11 Best Alternatives To Omegle To Kill Your Boredom [2018 Edition]

  • Are you bored?
  • Do you want to meet new people and chat with them?

Then you should look into Omegle like sites.

Here is the reason:

Well, in the era of the digital world, it is no big deal. Whenever loneliness or boredom creeps in your life, all you need to do is turn on the web and log in to the web to chat with strangers.

Omegle is the best site to help you pass your spare time that allows you to connect with strangers over text chat rooms or chatting over the webcam. Neither there is any time limit nor any limit to the choices you are given for with whom you want to chat with.

This is mainly due to the reason that at any given point of time, countless people who are also bored in their life are online and you can randomly chat with any one of them.

But in recent times, Omegle is getting banned by the government. Many Omegle users are no longer able to use the site for the reason that it is being blocked by the network. Though you can unblock the website using proxy sites and VPN services, it is not worth taking the trouble.

This is due to the reason that, on the present day, a lot of websites have come onto the market which works in a way similar to Omegle. Yes. You got it right. Omegle isn’t anymore the only site that gives you the opportunity to chat with new persons to kill your boredom and have some fun.

Today in this article, we will be discussing the 11 top Omegle alternatives that you can look in to in case that you can’t access Omegle anymore. Let us look into the list.

Best 11 Omegle like sites To Try Now

1. Tinychat

This website is one of the leading providers of voice and video chat services over the web on a date. This Omegle alternative has an airtime of more than 5 million minutes each day.

The base on this site is the chat rooms. You have the liberty to take part in any of the ongoing chat rooms or create your own if you wish to in case you do not like any of the running chat topics in the chat rooms.

Tinychat does not charge any money from its users and the website has an allowance for up to 12 feeds of video per chat room.

2. Bazoocam

It is a site for random video chats. However, the website is under high moderation and supervision. Some of its users claim that this website is under too much moderation and prevents fun from happening.

Like some of the other mentioned sites, you will be paired up with a stranger on a random basis. If you do not like what you see, you can simply jump to the next available choice by just a simple click on the ‘skip’ button and go forth for another random user.

The website of Bazoocam has quite a few games of the multiplayer category that you can enjoy online as icebreakers. In case you are suffering from boredom, the site suggests you try something that you crave for something that is out of the ordinary list but also keeps you in constant reminder not to take your clothes off.

3. Chatroulette

This website has an approach that is unique in nature. It works by pairing the online users with strangers at random. The mechanism is similar to taking part in a game of Russian roulette.

The only difference is you don’t need to duel here with a gun. Rather the users attack each other verbally through typed messages. At times, the users may use a webcam. In cases that you comment or do something that doesn’t take your partner’s interest and if he or she dislikes it, they may kill the conversation and leave the chat.

This website was created by a 17-year-old kid back in the year 2009. He used to host the site from his bedroom in the home of his parents. It was the word of mouth only without any advertisement that helped the site to gain huge growth in a very short time. It is only after continuous trial and error for several years that this website has finally arrived at a stage where it is capable to filter out behaviors that are inappropriate with efficiency.

The users are required to register themselves and need to agree to the service terms to use the site. Site moderators filter out those users who breach the terms. Most of the users on this website lie in the age range below 30 and the count of male users are far more than that of females.

4. iMeetzu

On this website, the users will find random rooms for text chats as well as live video chats and the website even takes it on a bit further. After the effort of random pairing up, an invitation is being sent to you to take part is a free friend finder or online dating section.

With more than a thousand new users taking part on the website each day, iMeetzu has taken away the show from the other websites. No matter if you are in search for your date or are just planning to practice your lines before you plan to stomp on to the dating pool, iMeetzu is the best option if you wish to have some interactions of high spirit.

5. Chat Random

The main motto of this website is to become a common name in the household like that of Facebook, YouTube or Twitter. This website is another one on the list of webcam sites that are known to pair up its users with other users of the website at random. This website marked its existence as Chatroulette’s alternative in the market for the reason that this site is under upgradation very frequently.

To march on their mission to reach that goal, the website is connecting users form all across the globe and updating new nations as well as languages very often. This site gives you the liberty to decide if you want to interact with any other person at random or want to chat in a group or interact with girls only.

The site further allows you to set if you prefer video conversations, interact with users that are gay or want to participate in any specific language. To satisfy the expectations of the users, they are continually adding additional services of the webcam and other features.

6. Chatkaro

This website is quite famous, especially in India. But it has already begun to spread its wings within Pakistan and Philippines and is gaining quite the popularity.

Chatkaro.in is a provider for chat service with the registration from a wide range of people. All that you are required to do is sign up or register yourself on the website. But you can use the website without registering yourself as well.

You can decide on which chat room you choose to join based on what you prefer and wish to have and then participate in a chat room to interact with various people, have a conversation with them and enjoy.

But this website is not designated as a dating website. So it is advised not to expect something similar to that. The website of Chatkaro is safe for browsing as there are no real threatening malware, adware or things of the similar kind are contained in it.

7. Hey – People

This chatting site is my personal favorite. This is mainly due to the reason that its use is very simple in comparison to the other alternatives to Omegle. This website has no ads and is designed to set up its users with random strangers to chat with. The user interface is also very easy.

To start chatting, all you need to do is follow some quick and simple steps to register yourself. All you got to do to register is decide on a username and a password. Once the set up is done, you are given the choice to connect with random strangers on the basis of common interests: Small talk, nothing special, Freak Show, Dating or adult stuff.

Once the selection is made, all you need to do is click on the ‘Zap’ button and your connection would be set up. If you take a liking for the person with whom you are connected, the user can click on the ‘Friendship’ button if you wish to meet that user again.

In case you don’t find a liking for them, you can go for the ‘Blacklist’ button and stay assured that you will never be set up with that user again. This site provides you with a very simple and easy way to begin chatting on the webcam.

8. ChatRad

This website claims itself to be a PG variety of modern chatting websites and is known to be pretty strict with the users who are found to misbehave within the chat rooms.

The website wants its users to behave in a natural way; in a way that they would have done in a case, they met each other in the real world. Nudity and other sexual activities face zero tolerance from the website.

ChatRad is yet a website for casual video chats but under the supervision of a group of moderators who are forever attentive. The main aim that is being focused is to reach a point where any of its users who are 18 years of age or older can enjoy the privilege to meet new people in a regulated and safe environment kept away from adult behavior and allow its users to connect with other people based on topics of mutual interest other than nudity.

9. FaceFlow

This website is taking social networking to new heights by enabling its users to chat with up to three other users over the webcam at the same time. This website features free video chats and allows you to use your web to have direct video conferences with your friends.

But you also have the choice to chat with random strangers as well. The users are required to set up a profile that can be searched up on the list and are stimulated to share the pictures and videos from YouTube that are their favorite.

This website offers more in line features with splendid services which are offered by Skype. It also has setups for text chats and video calling on a one on one basis. And to heat up the fun, FaceFlow has recently released a new game with the multiplayer feature named Flappy which seems quite difficult.

10. Fruzo

This is another website providing chat service over the webcam and also a dating portal. The website of Fruzo is a standalone social network for online dating wherein the individuals can use their present Facebook profile to connect with other users or can freshly create a new profile solely for this website.

This website has a search function incorporated in it to enable its users to look for connections based on age, location, gender, and popular keywords. Once registered on their website, you can upload as many pictures as you want to. The website also has the service range for mobile and you can use it from anywhere.

11. Chaturbate

The last Omegle like website on the list is Chaturbate.

It is similar to any other website on the list with random chat rooms going in live all the time. Most of the users on this website are male. But what makes it different from the rest of the websites on this list is that this is a grown-up chatting website and you get all sorts of adult stuffs you want on this website. From grown-up webcam chats to text chats, all are free in here with no bars given, thus giving its users the ultimate liberty that they can wish for.

Conclusion: Best Websites like Omegle To Chat With Strangers & Kill Your Boredom

Having discussed the 11 top Omegle alternatives, it is now time for you to say bye to your boredom. The main driving factor for anyone is to be social in the current generation.

With these sites putting forth the offer to be social at no cost are the golden opportunity providers that you must grab on to. You can get rid of the void from your life and say goodbye to your boring life forever.

So that’s it from our end and stay tuned at NerdBoomers to know more alternatives that you care about!!

Best Omegle Like Sites
  • Tinychat
  • iMeetzu
  • Hey – People
  • FaceFlow
  • Fruzo
  • Bazoocam


Boredom can sometimes kill that’s why one should fancy their chances in this digital world to chat online on sites like Omegle.

But Omegle is getting busy so you need Omegle alternatives where you can actually go and have friendly chats online.