Download Mi Account Unlock Tool For PC In 2018

Mi account unlock tool-If you are a tech freak, you will have heard of Xiaomi Mi. It has captured quite a good share of the market. Hats off to Mi! Within a very less time, it has reached the peak of its success.

What makes it the hero of the smartphone market is its generosity! It offers top class features at a reasonable price. Such is its popularity!

If you are a Mi user, you must be facing Mi account problems. Say, if you forget your Mi account’s password, what do you do? Immediately you feel at a loss.

As a matter of fact, Mi unlocking tools have emerged to settle all commotion.

There is an unknown fact about Mi phones. It can be called a stepbrother to Android. Okay, let me clear you certain things. The operating system (MiUi) that Mi phones run on is based on Android. So, you can expect a clean look and superfast performance along with a bag full of features.

Now imagine a situation.

What if you forget your Mi account password? What will you do?

Many times it happens that Mi users do not recall their passwords that they had set for their Mi account. You get stuck. Your device too does not perform but sits in the locked position.

But how does this kind of a situation occur? There must be some reason. Let’s check out.

Generally, it happens when you use the wrong pattern for your phone. Similarly, when you undergo factory rest several times, your phone can get locked.

During these moments, Mi phones ask from you to enter the username and the password that you had used in your Mi account. And from then on the problem starts.

In such situations, you have to bypass the verification of Mi code to make get access to it again. This verification removes the account altogether. You can rely upon the Mi account unlock tool. It is very effective and a convenient method to unlock your blocked account.

Hence, from now onwards, you need not worry if your Mi account gets locked. Here you get the perfect solution to your problem. What’s best about this unlock tool is that you do not need to go through the whole process all over again. Instead, just download the Mi account unlock tool.

This tool is suited for all PCs. It is a minor software that channelizes the Mi cloud verification. Similarly, all Mi handsets are capable of matching with this tool.

Actually, the Mi Account Unlock Tool works in the format of a RAR file.

As has been mentioned earlier, it is better to take precautions. It is of no use to download the Mi account unlock tool after your device gets locked. So, it is better to download and keep it earlier. So, if any day, you get stuck with your phone, you will not have to run to any mobile store or cry the whole day. You can restore back all your documents in the phone by using the Mi account unlock tool.

What consists of the Mi Account Unlock Tool? Remove / Bypass Mi Cloud Verification

  • Type ‘Mi Account Unlock Tool’ and you will find it.
  • The tool is stored and works in the format of the RAR file.
  • In order to download it, you will need only a storage space of 10 MB.
  • This tool works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Steps to use the Mi Account Unlock Tool

  1. First and foremost, download the Mi Account Unlock Tool. ( Download from Mediafire or Google Drive )
  2. You will notice that a Zip file will be downloaded.
  3. Next, deactivate the anti-virus from your phone and take out the software from the Zip file.
  4. Now, switch off your Mi phone.
  5. Again, switch it on to the Recovery Mode.
  6. To get into the Recovery Mode, press and hold the volume button and the power key together. Do not release them unless and until you notice the Recovery Mode option appears on your phone. You can let go the power button after you notice the Mi Logo on the phone’s screen.
  7. Now open the Mi Account Unlock Tool on your computer. Connect your phone on your computer with a USB port.
  8. Go to the Mi Unlock Tool. Click on the ‘information’ option. All your phone’s information will appear on the computer screen.
  9. Search for the option ‘Bypass Mi Account’ and click on it.
  10. Your phone will be restarted on its own.

That’s it! Your job is done!

Now, slowly unplug your phone from the PC. The reset process will be completed. Follow the instructions and complete the whole setup of the phone.

Mi Account Unlock Tool is very useful for all the Mi users.

From now on, you need not worry if at all accidentally your Mi phone gets locked. If you are a Mi user and have faced this same problem several times, it is high time that you get the Mi Account Unlock Tool downloaded soon.

Also, keeping your Mi account proper falls under your duty. The account itself has so many details about your phone.

Besides, when your phone runs out of storage, what should you do? Of course, store all details in the Mi account so that you can use your phone further. Now hampering your Mi account is definitely a bad decision. By hook or by crook, you need to keep it in the proper condition.

Many services like the Mi Cloud and many more require the details of your Mi account. So, if the account is not in the working condition, you will really fall into trouble. Further, if you have to utilize all the facilities and features of your handsome Mi phone, keeping your account prim and proper is a must.

Final words

Follow the above-mentioned steps to bypass the Cloud account of your Mi phone. For clearing doubts or if you get stuck in any step, please let us know in the comment section.

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