7 Best Manga Websites To Read Manga Online [2019 Edition]

Are you a comic lover?

Then you must be aware of the Manga, the Japanese comics.

There are many people who are lovers of the Manga and read them on regular basis.

All about the popular Japanese Manga Websites:

Well, Manga is a genre of comics which covers up different stories. They cover the detective stories, horror, romance and even mystery stories. So you can find varieties of option in it. Even the stories are having a combination of ideas lie the mystery horror stories, horror romance stories, etc.

Different genres are having different terms which categorize them.

Do you know there are techniques to read the Manga?

Yes, mostly the traditional Manga was being read from the right to the left. But some artists may have styled differently. They have written in such a way they can be normally read. So this is all about Manga.

But we will share a very interesting information- you can even read the Manga over online.

Yes, with the growing popularity, now the privilege of reading them online is there. There are different websites which are launched where one can read them easily.

Among so many websites, you will surely get confused.

Good Manga To Read In 2018

Therefore to help you out, we have shared 7 most popular websites. Most of the services are free of any cost, but some may be charged. We will guide you as per the requirement.

1. Manga Fox

We will start with the Manga Fox. This is a very popular site which can show you the latest Manga. So whenever you want to read a new Manga, no other websites is so much updated than this one.

It not only deals with the latest ones!!! There are the old Manga too. so even if you are a fan of particular old Manga, surely get it at Manga Fox.

The searching option for this website is very good. They have different categories based on which the search is being made. Also if you are not known about the popular one, see the ratings and check them out

2. Batoto

This is another very popular website for the online Manga reading, have a great collection of the latest Manga. The best part of the website is that it is very user-friendly and can give you simple navigability. Changing the chapters, browsing among the chapters all kinds of navigation is very easy.

Most importantly, you will not get those annoying ads on this website. it is totally ad-free.

3. Manga Volume

Huge collection of Manga, Manga volume gives you the ultimate way to read them. You can get a different kind of Manga here. Users and readers can also upload their own Manga and you can also read them. It is having an attractive interface and often makes you get interested.

But one thing to note about this site. This Manga website may have some of the adult content. They often upload some of the adult themes. Keeping an eye would stop children form navigating them. So children should be supervised by the parents in this case.

4. Manga Reader

This website is having some of those annoying ads. But thinking then why we have put it in the best list??

Well, there is a reason. This site is best to be used by the beginners of the online reading. The interface is colorful and attractive. Also, it is very easy to navigate through the entire website. The latest Manga is being posted on the home page. So navigating them is not at all a problem. if you are having the latest java installed, then the stories can be easily and quickly downloaded.

5. Mangakakalot

 If you are looking for the Manga particularly in English, then it is the best website. it is having all the popular Manga collection and the updates are done on daily basis.

So you will get every episode of your favorite genre.

6. Manga Freak

In this website, those who find issue with the navigation, overcome that issue. They have easy navigability.

In case of the story uploads, the Manga website is having all the latest collections. Hence it has been listed in the collection of the best websites. The website is having different advanced features too.

7. Manga Rock

If you are only interested in the collection irrespective of old or new ones, then this one is perfect. Being a free website, you will not get such a huge collection anywhere else.

The latest version of the website has been recently launched in Japan. You can get the access to that website too.

And you have to access it for its huge collection. If you are a beginner, then stat with this website. You can get all the popular ones irrespective of the old comics or the new ones. Also, each of them is easily accessible and navigable too.

Why are these websites the best one?

So here are the 7 best Manga websites which can allow enjoying Manga free of cost. No charge has to be paid for these. Those who have just started reading the Manga online cannot even imagine how they will get hooked. It is very fun to read them and enjoy your pastime.

Many Manga are there where the series continues before being completed. In those cases, the fans wait eagerly for the next series. Mostly the thriller, horror or the detective stories are launched in series. We choose the best based on the updates that are being done on the websites. Most of the above Manga update them very soon.

Final Words: Thought about the virus protection???

Well, do you remember about the safety and security? Don’t give it negligence. There are many websites which are not safe to use or download the Manga. So before navigating a particular website, know about its privacy settings. This would help to get the right website which would be secure.

Otherwise, it can be quite risky to use any of the websites.

We often don’t look at such things while we think about the reading of the next series. But we warn you about it.

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