13 KissAnime Alternatives To Try In 2018

Are you an anime freak?

Do you know about KissAnime? It is one of the most popular and well-known apps among the anime lovers that let you enjoy the various anime movies and series with ease.

But it is not the only available option out there when it comes to providing online anime contents. Today in this article we are going to discuss the best websites that are giving a hard time competition to the KissAnime website and all anime lovers are requested to go through the list. You are sure to find out the best app that would let you enjoy online anime contents without any hassle.

Let us get in…

Best Sites Like KissAnime To Try This Weekend

1. Snaptube

Among the alternatives of Kissanime that are accessible over the web, Snaptube has recently bagged in a lot of attention. It is one of the most useful tools you can invest in if you have an Android device. As soon as you are done with installing the app on your device, you will be given the opportunity to relish on your most favorite anime series. Even the installation process of Snaptube is very simple and straight to the point.

To make the experience more convenient, the developers of this tool have walked ahead to integrate the service of streaming from various platforms, thus cutting you the frustration of multiple source referral to find the item you are looking for. Snaptube brings you anime content from a wide range of sources under a single platform.

2. Crunchyroll

Anyone who is in search of a one-stop solution to get entrance to a wide range of contents of anime must take time to explore Crunchyroll. This site is known to have an extensive collection of anime as well as manga series contents for you to enjoy.

It is highly possible that you will find the exact anime content that you are searching to enjoy on Crunchyroll. Similar to Snaptube, Crunchyroll also requires making a payment for you to enjoy the excellent contents contained on this website.

Crunchyroll also has a desktop version available in addition to the app for it that lets you access premium latest anime contents straight from your computer.

3. Animania

Animania is supposedly one of the best alternatives of Kissanime that you can lay your hands on. This site also has an app developed for Android users to allow them to enjoy the best anime. The app is quite simple to use and is very straightforward as well. You can start enjoying the offered contents as soon as you are done with the installation process.

What is most exciting about Animania is that the contents here are available for free and you are not required to pay anything to enjoy anime on this app. Another unique feature of this app is that you can access both dubbed as well as the original content of the anime here.

If you are looking to enjoy the anime in your own language, then this is one of the best options you can get. Animania being an app providing free content has in-video advertisements that you are required to deal with.

4. Masterani.Me

Similar to Animania, Masterani.Me also provides you with free anime contents and belongs to the list of best Kissanime alternatives that are working in the present market. The collection of anime series on this website is quite impressive.

When you visit the homepage of this website, you will come across a lot of thumbnails that point out the anime movies that have been recently launched. You can understand what content is available on this website for you to enjoy just by browsing through these thumbnails.

If you are unsure of what exactly to enjoy, you can start watching from the random contents on the website. Masterani.Me also allows you to download the contents.

5. Anime TV

Among the most common alternatives to Kissanime, this anime website is considered to be the most trusted platform that you can access. For this reason, numerous anime fans have already registered on this website.

The contents of this website are free to access and in addition, you can enjoy the contents on your android device as well. But what needs to be reminded is that this website’s functionality is not completely straightforward. Hence it is advised that explore this website on your own before you judge on it.

But with nothing to lose, you can use Anime TV as it has a collection of over 2000 anime series ranging from classic old anime series to the most recently released ones. This website keeps updating its content on a regular basis.

6. Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is another participant that has a well-deserved place on this list for the best Kissanime alternatives. This is mainly due to the huge library of this website and the upgraded experience of the users.

The main reason for Chia-Anime to be considered as the best alternative to Kissanime is because of its provision of movies, anime shows, TV shows and music videos at high definition. In addition to that, the thousands of regularly updated videos of new and old anime in their database also bring it up on the list.

What is more to it is the contents can be enjoyed for free. If you manage to cope with the ads on this website, then this is no doubt the best website that you can come across.

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7. Because

If we talk about the websites that are specifically dedicated to providing anime contents, then Because must stay off the list. That is due to the reason that Because is a search engine which you can look into to search for the best contents of anime that are out in the world.

What is fun on this website is that you are not required to pay if you wish to enjoy the contents that this website has to offer for you.

To use this website is one of the most appropriate ways that you can avail to look up for anime contents over the web as well. Once you are familiar with how to use this website, you cannot help but love what this website can provide you with.

8. AnimeHeaven

If you are an anime fan who likes to enjoy the show in English then this website is exactly the one for you. Yes. This website provides you with anime contents dubbed in English for those who want to enjoy and access it that way.

What is best about the AnimeHeaven.eu is that on content that is unrelated to what you are searching for will be provided to you. Due to its provision of only related anime contents, this website has turned out to be one of the most popular anime platforms for people who love to enjoy online anime contents.

Even AnimeHeaven.eu enables you to download anime contents for free and the facility is quite impressive. This allows you to keep the contents downloaded on your device and enjoy them when you are free even if you do not have an active internet connection then.


In the list of websites that allow the visitors with the ability to enjoy online anime contents, this website has gained quite a high level of popularity. The GoGoANIME.io is a website dedicated specifically for contents of anime.

For this reason, you cannot help but consider GoGoANIME.io as one of the best alternatives to Kissanime as well. Also, the contents that are available to be accessed on this websites are of a diverse range.

What is more is that this website provides its contents with subtitles. In addition, the website also offers anime contents dubbed in English. The arrangement of contents on this website is also very organized and systematic, thus saving your search time and providing you with what you want in the shortest time possible.

10. AnimeSeason

This website is considered to be among the list of the oldest available websites that lets you enjoy online anime contents. For this reason that this website is on the market for quite a long period of time, the base for the visitors is great on this website.

With the passage of time, the AnimeSeason.com has undergone quite significant evolutions to provide its visitors with a better experience each time. The feature that is provided in only this website is that this website allows finding a list of the best anime series that is created on the basis of the users who have reviewed the content. So if you are not really sure about what to watch, you can always take suggestions from that list.

11. Anilinkz

The next website on our list is Anilinkz. This is also a great website for online anime content similar to Kissanime. The feature that makes this website popular is its extensive library of contents for anime series, videos, TV shows, and movies, all available at the high definition from all across the globe.

The website provides good subtitles in many languages and in addition, also has videos that are dubbed, thus making it easy for anime fans to enjoy the content irrespective of their countries of origin. With one of the most active teams of developers, Anilinkz keeps updating its website on a regular basis with the latest videos, movies, and episodes.

If you are unable to find any content on the other alternatives of Kissanime, you are sure to find that on this website. This website offers access to its contents for free, thus allowing you to enjoy them as much as you want.

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12. AnimeLab

This website is another good alternative that you can try out if you are in search of some really good anime contents. The AnimeLab has contents available on its website which is suitable for audiences from all age groups. Thus you can also permit your young ones to use this website.

One of the most outstanding features of this website is its provision of access complete anime series. The video contents on this website are dubbed. In addition to that, subtitles are also provided on this website.

The contents available on this website are accessible for free. In case you wish to access the most from AnimeLab, it would be best if you buy a premium plan and you will surely be amazed by the contents that are covered under this plan. If you are in search of any particular anime that is unavailable, you can put up a request on their community and support will immediately start its action on it.

13. AnimeFreak

The last website that we are going to discuss today is AnimeFreak. Though this is the last one on this list, the website has gained quite a noticeable level of popularity and huge attention from anime fans all across the globe. The main reason for this website to shine so bright is its massive library of contents that they offer. What is more is that all the contents can be accessed for free from this website.

The raised quality of the contents that they offer you along with the ease of access allows the visitors to begin streaming their favorite anime content with just a click and that is what is responsible for this website to become so popular. With all anime contents organized properly and categorized as per genres, AnimeFreak is known to have one of the friendliest interfaces in comparison to the other websites on this list.

Final Thoughts On KissAnime Alternative

Now that we have discussed the best alternatives to the KissAnime website, you are free to try and explore all of them and then settle on the one that offers you the best experience. It was really a hard task to rank and arrange the websites based on what they offer and other additional features of the website, still, it is arranged as per the order I personally felt most suitable.

Having covered most of the KissAnime like websites, it is always possible to miss a few. In that case, you can add those websites to the list and help your fellow otaku fan to enjoy what they want.