Get Free Hulu Accounts: 5 Best Working Methods [2019 Edition]

Surfing the web for a free Hulu account?

Well, then you are in the right place because we have been trying few methods to get a free account for the same and we have been quite successful in finding a few.

Hulu and Netflix as you know are two of the most popular video-on-demand services which of course, charges a fee for providing their services.

But Hulu has created its unique identity in this online video-on-demand space and why not also when you are in it since 2007.

Hulu aggregates video content from some of the best companies and brands around the world such as Disney, Disney, FOX, Sony Pictures, ABC, CW, A & E, Comedy Central, Univision, Lionsgate, TED, Warner Bros to name a few!!

And of course, it would a fantasy to expect that all these things will be freebies and that’s why Hulu’s subscription fees range from $11.99 to $33.99 monthly.

But wait, don’t pay for it!!

It would be simply a no-brainer to pay such absurd fees when we have discovered few hacks through which you can get free Hulu account.

So let’s get in right away and see those hacks to get Hulu free account

How To Get Hulu Free Account?

#1. Free Hulu Trial Account Without Credit Card [Simplest Method]

Many people want to get Hulu accounts for free without using a credit card and this is totally possible also. You just need to follow these steps with vigilance:

  • Go to & click on “START YOUR FREE TRIAL”
  • Then you will see this below shown next page where you will see these 3 plans:

  • Select any plan from this and move ahead to fill-up your details to make an account.
  • Complete your registration by selecting ‘’Express Options’’ to see payment option as PayPal (Don’t worry you can de-link it later)
  • Complete your registration with the selection of PayPal account.
  • Now enjoy your 30-day free subscription of Hulu account.

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#2. Hulu Free trial Account With Credit Card

This method is also very simple and you will get exactly the same deal of 30-day free trial if you follow these steps:

  • Go to & click on “START YOUR FREE TRIAL”
  • Then you will see this below shown next page where you will see these 3 plans:

  • Select any plan from this and move ahead to fill-up your details to make an account.
  • Complete your registration by putting in your Credit card details. (Don’t worry you can de-link it later)
  • Now enjoy your 30-day free subscription of Hulu account.

Subscribing Hulu for free using a Virtual Credit Card: One can also do this process via virtual credit card and you get details about the same from here.

And if you are using your own credit card and don’t want to get charged then before the end of the 30-day free Hulu trial period go to your account settings to cancel your subscription. This will de-link your credit card and close your Hulu account so that you will not be charged even a penny from your credit card.

#3. Get Hulu Free Account Through

On the Internet, you will find many websites & services providing free subscriptions for quite a few premium services.

On similar lines, you can easily find a free Hulu subscription account using, a website which provides free access to many such services.

The steps to do this are quite simple but lengthy that’s why to pay attention & follow these steps to get your free subscription today!!

  • Go to and register here. Without complete registration, you will not be able to use this service. And if you want to use an alias email then use this service
  • After completing your registration, login to the forum.
  • Scroll down and find ‘LEAKS’ and click on it.
  • The again scroll down to find ‘MOVIE WATCHING SITE DUMPS’ & click on it.
  • You will now see a page with a lot of movie dumps and you need to select/click on Movie dumps related to Hulu.
  • When you do this, hidden content boxes will only be visible when you type and post something related to that topic. In this case ‘’ANYTHING’’.
  • After typing any keys you will be taken to the second page but you need to go back on page 1 to see a whole lot of free Hulu accounts and their passwords.
  • Now you just need to try these free account credentials basically for free (just your hit & trial) as some of these accounts don’t work anymore.
  • So just go to and keep trying with the details you have got in
  • Once you have found your luck account details you will be able to login to Hulu & arrange your profile, preferences etc.
  • Now just relax & sit back to enjoy your free subscription of Hulu without paying a dime!!

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#4. Free Subscription Of Hulu Using “Edit This Cookie” Extension

This is another way to get your free Hulu account but this is quite an unusual way that’s why I have stated all the steps clearly for you so that you don’t get confused.

  • Launch your browser, (example-Chrome) and go to More Tools> “Extensions” option
  • Now go to “Extensions” option from top left and then click on “chrome web store” from the bottom left option on the same page.
  • Type-in “Edit This Cookie” and find the extension

  • Now add this extension to your chrome browser.
  • Now as the extension is added to your browser, move to where the process will continue.
  • Now here type & search Hulu in the search bar of and wait until the page is fully loaded.
  • Now click on “Show Cookie”
  • Now copy the characters that pop-up
  • Now go to and click on your newly added cookie icon on your browser, and then click on import.
  • Now paste the characters you had copied earlier and click on the checkbox & hit import
  • Lastly, the page will get refreshed and this will take some time. And you will be taken to your free Hulu plus free account.

So isn’t that simple?

Now set your preferences and complete your profile to sit back & relax your online streaming experience.Parting Thoughts!!

Is there anything free?

Yes, of course, there is. That’s why I have been able to form this comprehensive guide on accessing Hulu for free.

But mind you in this today world of internet globalization you need to stay on guard with fake information and we here believe in thorough R & D before publishing anything.

Also, if you are searching for any more such free hacks then lemme know I will try to research on your behalf.

Until then enjoy this article & share it with your friends who want to get free Hulu accounts!! And Keep reading Nerd Boomers for more exciting stuff.