15 Best eBook Torrent Sites To Download Free Books In 2019

Are you in search for the sites that provide e-book torrents for 2018-19?

If so, you are in the right place. Today, in this article we will be discussing the 15 best e-book torrent sites to download free books 2019 has released so far. If you are a real enthusiast for reading, well buckle up and get ready to explore the various torrent websites that we are about to discuss.

Here is the list of the best torrent sites for books where you can avail e-books for free:

Top Torrent Books Websites For Free E-Books

1. Extra Torrents

When we talk about the most famous torrent websites, Extratorrent is known to play the most effective role in comparison to the other torrent websites in many countries. You can use this website to download any free torrent. It has all the information related to the file as for example, the seeds available, the peers and the size of the file on a single line.

When you go to the homepage of the website, you can download torrent based on their categories. You can choose torrent from any category here as well as you can avail any e-book from any category like life stories, fantasy, education and many more for free on this website. You can not only search and download best ebooks on this website but also share them with your friends as well.

2. The Pirate Bay

This website is ranked number 1 among all the available torrent websites. Established in 2003, the pirate bay has become the best website for downloading e-book torrents. It is not limited to just e-books but also has got other category torrents like games, movies, TV shows, music and many more.

The website permits the visitors not only to download torrents but also view as well as contribute links for torrents and magnetic links for any category on this website.

Though the site was banned for quite many times, it has varied proxy sites that enable the users to get access to the files for e-books, movies, games, and others from any country across the globe unless torrenting is completely restricted in that country.

You can also avail almost all reading stuff here and the pirate bay is loaded with huge lists of e-book available for free download.

3. Kickass Torrents

It is very unfortunate that the real site for the kickass torrent is no longer in existence. Despite that, you can access the mirror site for this torrent website at katcr.co and have an experience of similar level.

The kickass torrent proxy website works in a way similar to that of the pirate bay and is very easy to access. At present, the website is boasting to be loaded with more than 1, 75,000 e-books that are available for free download.

If you are not able to find the e-book that you are searching for, you can put up a request for that particular book on the community forum of the website. If you are unable to access the site, you can try out the other proxy sites for this torrent website.


In the very short list of websites for a torrent that is working smoothly on a date, RARBG belongs to the very few ones on the list that are very reliable. It has been 10 years since this torrent website was first hosted and despite this long time period, RARBG is still known to be a torrent website without any issue.

When you visit this website to download an e-book, you will be amazed by the huge collection of e-books that can be downloaded with ease from this website. It is not limited to just that. You can even convert the downloaded file into any format that you choose.

If you are using this website for the first time, the user interface may appear a bit confusing. But once who keep visiting this website, you are sure to get used to it no time, and then you cannot help but appreciate the attributes that this website provides you with.

5. FreeBookSpot

The FreeBookSpot is another website for torrents that are known to specifically cater to the consumers of e-books. Having over 90 categories for e-books alone, this website is known to have a bunch of various genre books including electronic books for engineering, computers, architecture, DIY, fiction, hardware, astronomy, psychology, graphics, audio books and many more textbook torrents. Lacking a presentable catalog for titles of fiction books, this website is better known for its collection of educational as well as non – fiction books.

On the website, you can scan through it going by the genre of books and even going by sub-categories labeled as ‘Wanted’, ‘Most Popular’, ‘Selections’, as well as ‘, Expired’.

This website lacks an option for you to get registered as a user as it is not essential to register yourself on this website to gain access to the million contents they have on their website. Apart from downloading the e-books that you have been searching for, you can share your own collection of e-books and get feedback from the website’s fellow users.

6. E-book Share 

If you ask me personally, in my opinion, this torrent website is the best you can get if you are only searching for e-books and nothing else. Maybe you are looking for electronic books on cooking, history, biography, computers, fiction, self-help or business, you are sure to get almost all the genre under the banner of this torrent website.

Additionally, this website has a list of a category that is solely designed for easy browsing and impresses anybody. Most of the other torrent websites mentioned on this list lack this feature. You can also look for the books that you require based on the title, subject or the book’s author.

Currently, in the present date, the e-book share website is known to have over 4, 00,000 books and trust me, that is quite a huge collection of books to look into. Due to the reason that this website has its dedication for e-books only, this is one of the best options that any enthusiastic reader can get.

7. 1337x

Despite the fact that 1337x is basically a website for torrents; it is known to have no such one that can be tagged as its creator. The fact is as far as the concern is regarding the operation of the website and its maintenance, moderators have run out on this website already. On the date, the website is solely maintained and kept updated by only the fans and users of the website only.

The website of 1337x is great for all those who are interested in a bit of everything like games, movies, books, TV series, etc.

Despite its huge collection on all types of the torrent, this website is not the best choice available to passionate readers who look for books of diverse genre and background.

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8. Free-ebooks.net

As the name of the domain recommends, Free-ebooks.net offers a titanic library of books for no cost with a quite few classifications including the genres of fiction, Academic, genuine, Classics, Audiobooks and Textbook Torrents.

These are additionally separated into sub-classes that include books on Drama, Mystery, short stories, business, Youth, Poetry, Beauty, Fitness, Career, History, Travel, Politics, Web Design, Geography, Self-Improvement, Engineering, Robotics, Religion, and Science.

What is the best thing about this torrent site is that it empowers sprouting digital book journalists by providing them with a stage to distribute their work? Free-ebooks additionally offers a choice to pick the arrangement in which you wish to get your downloaded book; as for instance: be it in Kindle, PDF, Txt File, and EPUB format.

What is more to this website is that you can likewise join their associate program and gain up to 25% commission on every deal?

9. Wikibooks

Does the website prefix ‘Wiki’ already have raised your interest about this torrent website? Well, the Wikibooks website has got nothing to do or linked with Wikipedia in real. But this website is known to have a huge database of electronic books collection that is exclusively available for you to take fun from for free.

What is the standalone feature of this torrent website is that you can find electronic books in a wide range of languages like English, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese? What you have to do is just choose a language first and then search in the title of the book that you are looking for.

10. Many Books

This website, no doubt, is known to have one the most user-friendly interfaces as well as visual designs in the list of the torrent sites for e-books. Categorized into a wide range of divisions like Genres, Book Titles, Language, Authors, Popular, etc, this website is known to host nearly 50,000 free titles of e-books. And if you yourself are an author, you can surely make use of this website to promote your work.

11. Ebookee

The website of ebookee is again another torrent website centering a huge collection of e-books with a well-distributed category as for example, books on tech, tutorials, non-fiction, novels, computer programming, mathematics, windows, medicine, etc. What is most unique about this website is its system of sub-categories that makes it really easy to choose a book related to what you want.

12. SeedPeer


This is a good website to download free e-book torrents. Among the wide range of books available on the website, you are sure to find the e-books you have been long searching for.

If the exact book is not available, you can at the least get books that fall in the same category. You can directly avail a list of the best e-books on screen or may even search for what you want.

13. Planet e-book

Planet e-book is not that big a site when compared to the other torrent websites on this list based on its catalog for books. On the date, it is known to have only about 50,000 books in its collection. But it is currently one of the fastest growing torrenting websites for e-books and each day it adds up quite a few new books to its collection.

14. TorrentFunk

This is another website where you can look to download free e-book torrents. Though you can find a list constituting of the latest available torrents based on release dates in every category, it is not that good for book enthusiasts only. Yet you are recommended to do your own research on the website.

15. E-books Directory

This website is even smaller with a collection of books that counts to just over 10,000. Despite its small list, it is known to provide superior quality books both in terms of content and torrent file. Categorized in about 678 divisions, you can download books that specifically suit what you are interested in.

Torrent Sites For e-Books

Well, these are the best torrent sites you can look into if you are searching for e-books that can be downloaded for free. All being said, you are requested to carry out your own research on the above-mentioned websites and not just blind belief what is said.

Download the book you want and enjoy!