15 Best Ad Blocker App For Android [Latest 2018 Edition]

Again that pop-up ad came up!!!  Use an ad blocker app for it.

It’s about some commercial product right???

Yes, it is quite annoying and especially when you are seriously looking for something over the internet.

With the online marketing concept, the ad over the web has become so much popular that they are now irritating. They are now an expected guest that comes when you go online.

So with the privilege too, people come up with the alternative solution.

Know about the ad blocking

There’s a technique to block these ads when you are into some serious work. There is software known as ad blocking which can do so.

Its function is very quiet. Sitting quietly on the side of the top bar, but it keeps on working. So now with the software running behind, you can go totally ad-free over online.

Well, eager to know some of the best ad blocking software of this year???

Yes, we would be sharing that well-known software.

But for your information, we will also be sharing how that software works for you.

Do you know what an ad blocker actually is? It is the browser extension!!!

They work very interestingly…

During the website loading, this software checks the domain name of all the elements in the website. These are being matched with the blacklisted website. If they find any of them, ad blockers stop it from loading. There is a set of rules which are being loaded in the software. Anything not matching with the instruction is being hidden from the screen.

So isn’t it an interesting thing!!!

15 Best Android ad blocker For You To Try Now

Now here we have shared 15 such software or ad blockers which can help you to block the ads. Know about them and get any of them for your purpose.

The ad blockers are platform dependent and are different for Android or iOS or the MAC. In this list, the software is for the Android OS only. So those who are having the android can use them.

Let’s start with the list.

1. AdAway– it is for the rooted phones

  • Allows browsing internet
  • and allowing using all categories of apps without those annoying ads.
  • This ad blocker is open source
  • They use host files to block the ads, so naturally, when an ad is requested, it redirects to the 0.0.1 or the localhost.
  • You can also have the option of selection of own host files
  • Being a user you can add apps to blacklist or whitelist too.
  • The only disadvantage is that root access is essential.
  • Easy download from links provided over the internet

Download AdAway App

2. Adblock Plus 

  • This ad blocker is open source and only for the android
  • System-wide ad blocker which can block the ads permanently.
  • Also, advertisements of different types are easily blocked- pop-ups, banners, malware based ads
  • Protects from any UN trusted site or ads.
  • It is a good browser too that blocks ads displayed on the websites.
  • Available free over the internet
  • There are two different options of the ABP available- system-wide or browser-based. One can choose any one which is best.
  • The only disadvantage is that it is unable to blocks some of the nonintrusive ads.

Download Adblock App

3. Adguard

  • Most powerful considered ad blocker for android
  • Astonish able filtration and even protection from the unwanted ads.
  • Can track through online and also the phishing of the website.
  • Better performance in loading a particular web page, save the bandwidth, help to protect phones from the threats.
  • System-wide blocking of ads
  • Work perfectly on the non-rooted device but only android.
  • The only disadvantage is that it is a paid service for preventing any ads

Download Adguard App

4. Block this

  • Open source ad blocker for android
  • It is fully DNS and VPN based
  • The service is offered free of cost.
  • Can be used over android phones and tablets
  • Has the capability of blocking all kinds of ads- even they are the audio, video or the image format.
  • Takes into consideration the privacy of the phone too
  • Bypass the internet censorship
  • Provides access even too inaccessible websites
  • No access to root privilege.

Well, you get no disadvantage of this ad blocker.

Download Block this App

5. AdClear

  • Another reliable ad blocker for an Android device
  • It is a non-rooted ad blocker
  • Free service. No payment required to get it
  • Capable to block the ads over the YouTube and other intrusive advertisements too.
  • They also block the ads over the apps too.
  • Its disadvantage is that it shares the information of the user with the co-joint partner working with.

Download AdClear App

6. DNS66

  • It uses the DNS as the name suggests
  • Using the DNS it blocks the advertisement indirectly by blocking the hostname
  • Add other DNS server to give the enhanced protection.
  • It provides the privacy of the device too
  • The software creates a VPN environment. The traffic of the DNS server is then redirected to this VPN interface. Thus it is the best working ad blocker among all
  • It gives a list of the host which is configurable. It can allow, ignore or even deny any queries
  • Another point does not make use of the root access.

Download DNS66 App

7. Disconnect Pro

  • It is considered as the premium tool
  • It can have complete dominance over the privacy of the device
  • Also keeps on blocking the ads.
  • By blocking the ads it can save the phone battery, internet bandwidth and loading time speed up.
  • It is a system-wide app
  • Whether you are browsing or using an app, it can block ad at any place
  • One disadvantage is that it is a paid version and is also a costlier one.
  • Some of the features in this software are meant for the Samsung device. Though it’s good for Samsung what for the others???

Download Disconnect Pro App

8. Cygery Ad Skip 

  • Cygery blocks ad over the YouTube. So when you are viewing YouTube videos, then it blocks all kind of ads.
  • Even it blocks the advertisement pop-ups.
  • Simple app that instantly does the blocking
  • No requirement of the root access
  • The only disadvantage is that it requires the users to enable the access service. Otherwise, it will not block the ads. It cannot detect the ad without being accessed every time.

Download Clergy Ad Skip

9. Netguard

  • A powerful app that offers the advanced technique of blocking the apps.
  • They can even block internet access for any app or address.
  • The user can add any website or any app for the allowance or the denial. It can be a wifi or a cellular connection.
  • Helps to reduce the data usage
  • Also look into the privacy of the device
  • Open source app
  • Has a simple interface
  • It is easily compatible with the non-root android phones.

Download Netguard App

10. AppBrain Ad Detector

  • It is something different in blocking the pop-ups and ads
  • It sniffs out and does snoop for the ad blocking
  • Lock the spam ads
  • Safeguard and push notification in case of harmful app network
  • Click on the concern tab which can help to get the overview
  • It is free and you will get it on the Google Play.

Download AppBrain Ad Detector

11. TrustGo Ad Detector

  • As the name suggests, it is totally trustworthy and also free
  • Simply download it from the Google play
  • Easy ad blocking service offered
  • It not only blocks the ads but also scans the device for possible privacy violations. This makes the personal information of the phone owner safe and secure.

Download TrustGo Ad Detector

12. Free Ad Blocker Browser

  • It is different from the ad block plus or ABP and is also free
  • It helps to experience safe browsing
  • It can also save the battery of the device
  • One thing that it does not ensure that this app does not do anything or other browsers. Only this browser can block the ads.
  • Remember the games are not being blocked by the ads.

Download Adguard Content Blocker

13. Brave Browser (known as private ad blocker)

  • Known for the effective speed and efficient ad blocking property.
  • Also, provide protection to the data. This is being done by the HTTP requests and dominance over the cookies
  • Helps to save the battery life of the device too.
  • The performance of the device is being enhanced on an entire basis.
  • Just on a single click the ad can be blocked on any website or using an app.

Download Brave Browser App

14. YuBrowser-With The ad filtration property

  • It is ad blocker as well the web browser too.
  • The web browser is a feature-rich web browser for the android. Thus it provides the optimized surfing of the web phone or the tablets too.
  • The performance that is being given by the Android device is based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon.
  • It blocks advertisements and also protects the privacy settings too.

Download YuBrowser App

15. Opera Mini

  • We all know it as a browser, but it is also having the ad blocking features too.
  • No issues are created to block the ads
  • It is the most downloaded and popular one to be used for ad blocking browser
  • Offers a variety of customization like average stock browser
  • Efficient ad blocker.
  • The only disadvantage of this one is that it will block ads when you are using the app.

Download Opera Mini

Conclusion-Best Ad Blocker App For Android

So here are the 15 ad blockers of this year.

Besides, some others are the AdLock and ABP brain and detector are not on the list but have a similar kind of performance too. They can be considered also in case you find them more useful. All of these websites can be easily downloaded. Search for them on the web and easily get them over there. Go to the link and download them.

Hope you experience no issues while downloading. After the download, the software has to be installed and then run on the system. This would allow the functionalities to start right from that time on. It’s totally instant on approach.

Some of them are also a good web browser which can actually help in getting a good experience in browsing. Not only they help you in getting the ads blocks, but also saves the battery life, enhances the overall performance and also saves in the internet bandwidth.

Though, it should also be considered that we are living in the era of online. So online marketing matters a lot. We cannot fully ignore the online marketing in any way out.

Let’s rethink about the ad blocking:

Blocking ad is a good technique, but thinks if you are having such an ad and everyone is blocking them!!!!

They are a good way to reach out to millions of people and convey a message to them. Also, it is the best way how to can make them know about a product too.

On another hand, it is also a way by which you can some good information too. you never know which ad is useful for you also. So let not ignore them fully.

So give it a try when you are into some serious tasks. Otherwise, let it be with you. skip the ad if you are not interested in it. Cross the pop-ups when they are coming your way.

We ourself should make our world purposeful or it would indirectly be affecting us too. So let the world be happy with the online marketing to take an active part in it.

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