18 Best Anime Torrent Download Sites To Use In 2018

Hello! Are you in search of some websites to get anime torrents?

We all are aware of the difficulty one needs to face while trying to search for sites to torrent anime contents. It appears as if there is no solution existing that can be called as perfect even though millions of hearts and imaginations of individuals from around the world irrespective of their age have been captured by anime series.

What is Anime?

Anime refers to animated series which have major effects of VFX and are made with the superior quality of videos. They are mainly developed in the Japanese region where the animation works are done mainly on the basis of Japanese comics, locally called as Manga books. The animated works of these creative storylines engage our imaginary powers to explore unexplored areas where every scene of the work is an outcome of great artwork.

Not only anime series helps you relax and unwind during your leisure time but also helps you to get past your tough times. These series hold great motivations on a psychological level and can really alter your mood based on the plot. Today we are here to discuss the 18 best anime torrent download sites in 2018 that can be your new one stop for all anime contents that you can search for.

Safeguarding you torrents

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can fully see all of your browsings without any issue. Surprised? Well, you will be more surprised to know that they even possess the power to hand over the personal data that they collected to be handed over to third parties.

It is, therefore, a necessity to keep protecting your personal data and check that no one can access it to collect it for personal usage. This is more necessary if you wish to share and download contents over torrent files. There are a lot of VPN tools that you can look up to for this purpose.

Anime download – how to get them?

There are a lot of websites that you can browse through to watch or download your favorite anime for free. But most of them cannot be totally relied on. Most of these websites are banned for infringing issues of copyright. The most safeguarded way of getting anime contents online is to download them through torrent.

Downloading anime contents through torrent is quite easy. You can find a countless number of websites that allow you to torrent various contents from a wide range of anime titles as well as series. But you are recommended to use a strong tool of VPN settings to cover up your torrent activities.

We will now be discussing the top 18 torrent websites that you can look up to for searching any of your favorite anime contents online.

Top Anime Torrent Sites To Try Nowadays

1. Babakt.me

Many anime fans consider this to be hidden community for anime lovers. It is mainly due to the reason that you cannot register on this website for free. What needs to be done to get registered is get an invitation from the team of the website.

To ensure that the community only lets in fans of anime, any new user is required to go through an interview conducted by the administrators. Well, nothing to be so stressed out of. It is less serious than it actually sounds. Once you get in the community, you can share and download limitless anime torrents from the huge library of the website.

You need to visit the invite channel and join the group and request to join. You will then shortly receive an invitation to attend the interview. All these steps are definitely worth it.

2. AnimeTosho.org

This website is most probably the online community for anime fans that are most active on a date. AnimeTosho is made up of a huge group of anime fans with loyalty and is all about torrents of anime contents.

If you use this website, you will be amazed by not only its huge collection of contents but also the speed of downloading the files. This is due to the huge number of seeders on the website.

The website has quite a simple user interface in the English language. You can also count on this website to find other contents as well as books, movies, TV shows, and any other stuff.

Not only the moderators of the forums are very supportive, they even keep a constant updating of the content list on the website. Rest assured, you will find no spam content in here.

3. Animetorrents.me

The website of Animetorrents.me acts as the biggest source for the fans of anime from where they can easily download manga featured anime contents, uncensored hentai videos and many more. You cannot actually find a lot of websites that are known to feature hentai videos online.

This website also provides all its contents in 780 p and 1080 p quality that you can hardly get anywhere else. You can even get the original contents with proper subtitles on Animetorrents website as well as dubbed videos of your favorite series in your language.

All of the contents in this website are produced by countries having Asian origin, mainly Japan and China. Even the download speed is pretty high on this website and you can try this website out for your next search.

4. Shana Project

Indeed, even the best websites for anime torrents are viewed as specialty networks. This implies you can’t just download torrent contents yet you’ll have to seed them for at least some time. All things considered, this is the best way to make a practical torrent network that is sustainable all by itself. In any case, Shana Project is unique. It doesn’t have any impediments, and you are allowed to download as much as you need.

After opening this torrent website for anime, you will get the opportunity to see a gigantic rundown of TV shows and films. You will also be allowed to sort these in order or via seasons. On the off chance that you enlist for a record, you can monitor your most loved torrents and even get automated downloads for your favorite torrents.

5. Anirena

Anirena Torrent Tracker exclusively contains a hellfire part of an assortment of Anime Hentai video contents, Manga comics, Tv Series, Music and a lot more. It is considered as outstanding amongst other anime video downloader site due to its highlights.

As stated, there is a great deal of assortment of recordings identified with Anime. With a specific end goal to download the contents, you don’t have to borrow a ton. Only just on the first page of the website. There are considerable measures of video interfaces on it. Pick one; in the event that you wish to download at that point download it. Anirena doesn’t expect you to join on its stage to download recordings. Likewise, in the event that you are searching for a particular video, at that point you can scan for it and download.

6. Anime-ultime.net

Up next on the list, we have Anime-ultime.net Originating from France, this website of torrent content was planned by evident fans of anime contents. You will get the opportunity to join a very dynamic network where something new happens each and every day.

The home screen of the website brings a decent determination of anime contents that you can without much of a stretch sort in more courses than one. What’s more, you can make a record in the event that you need to partake in this network.

There are two fundamental obstructions here. The website of Anime Ultime is in French, despite the fact that you can without much of a stretch make an interpretation of it to English. Furthermore, the site depends on Adobe Flash, so it may be somewhat substantial on your gadget’s assets. In any case, these are not issues that should prevent you from visiting this site.

7. Anime Layer

While the greater part of various sites for torrent brings an exceptionally straightforward interface based the on the list, it is decent to see sites that bring up something else for the users. Anime Layer is a Russian site including wonderfully outlined User Interface.

That means you will be required to rely on a translator but that is not a big obstacle. Each torrent contents that is recorded here accompanies itemized data, screen captures, the number of seeders and leechers. This ought to be more than bounty to enable you to choose whether a content merits downloading.

8. Animewordbd

The site can be somewhat turbulent now and again; however, the principle menu should enable you to take care of business. Visit the Categories page and afterward tap on ‘Index’ tab.

This is the place you can see every single accessible document, including film and TV titles and their size. A cluster of these titles comes as immediate downloads which is a decent advantage.

It can be difficult to look into each torrent accessible on the Web and to check whether its copyright ensured. This is the place AnimeWorldDB becomes an integral factor as it records just lawful anime contents.

9. Horriblesubs

Horriblesubs.info is a standout amongst the most inventive sites for anime torrent contents. You’ll have the capacity to discover what you require in a second on account of a ground-breaking feature of searching and a noteworthy anime library.

One awesome component about this site is that it offers anime contents in low quality, medium quality, and high definition as well. Anime is best appreciated in high caliber obviously, however now and then you’re willing to make due with a lower quality and a littler size of the file.

10. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents.cc is a standout amongst the most famous and broadly utilized sites for downloading anime content torrents, both in the regions of Japan itself and also around the globe. It enables you to investigate torrent documents in a flash and locate the best and most prevalent arrangement’s to appreciate.

The main drawback is that you’ll need to utilize the site’s own torrent customer to download these records. In any case, the product is by all accounts exceptionally valuable so this is anything but a major disappointment.

11. 9Anime.is

9Anime.is is another intense site for torrenting anime that enables clients to openly download contents and torrent anime immediately. You’ll have no issue discovering all the most recent anime at the most noteworthy conceivable quality through 9Anime.is.

All you need to do is just press the ‘Play’ button and you’re prepared to appreciate anime films and TV series. With regards to streaming, this is as basic as it can be.

12. Nyaa.si

Nyaa.si is a standout amongst the most amazing anime torrenting websites. This is on the grounds that it classifies anime into various types, influencing it significantly less demanding to discover the anime you to need and look into new series you may appreciate.

With only a single tick, you’ll right away be downloading anime torrent records on to your gadget. Nyaa.is likewise has features of advanced searching that enable you to scan for files in light of their size and release date, improving the search procedure hugely.

13. Project-gxs

In case you’re searching for a streamlined anime encounter, finish with top-notch picture and video quality, at that point you ought to consider project-gxs.com.

This is on the grounds that it includes you tap on any title, you will get the chance to see a not insignificant rundown of accessible documents. These can be immediate downloads or torrents – so it’s dependent upon you to choose which download technique works the best.

Venture GXS brings an accommodating page titled Index. This is the place you can peruse the rundown of accessible title in sequential order arrange.

14. The Pirate Bay

Despite the fact that this isn’t a torrent site for anime, The Pirate Bay is a standout amongst the most well-known torrent sites in this world.

Obviously, you can rely on it to discover and download anime content over a wide range. Be that as it may, you should depend on the site’s pursuit – which is the reason TPB is awesome in the event that you definitely realize what to watch.

All things considered, hunting down anime, when all is said in done, ought to bring a sizeable index of records. Being the most well-known site for torrents, TPB can likewise be an unsafe place. Try to assess clients’ remarks previously before you download anything.

15. ISOHunt.To

ISOHunt is one website of torrenting that has persisted through time and made due to tell the story. The webpage is still viewed as one of the greatest torrent ordering sites on the planet with an enormous library of torrent contents that incorporates everything from films and TV shows to pc games, files of music and even anime.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! On the off chance that you haven’t explored ISOHunt down anime at that point do it now and you’ll be amazed to see all your most loved anime titles in the library prepared for you to download.

16. Masterani.Me

Masterani.Me also furnishes you with free anime substance and has a place with the rundown of best options that are working to provide updated anime contents to the fans. The gathering of anime arrangement on this site is very great.

When you go to the website’s homepage, you will go over a ton of thumbnails that bring up the anime films that have been as of late released. In the event that you are uncertain of what precisely to appreciate, you can begin viewing from the arbitrary substance on the site. Masterani.Me likewise enables you to download the substance.

17. AnimeHeaven

In the event that you are an anime fan who likes to appreciate the show in English then this site is precisely the one for you. This site furnishes you with anime substance in English dubbing for the individuals who need to appreciate and get to it that way.

What is best about the AnimeHeaven.eu is that on content that is random to what you are hunting down will be given to you. Because of its arrangement of just related anime substance, this site has ended up being a standout amongst the most well-known anime stages for individuals who love to appreciate online anime substance.

Indeed, even AnimeHeaven.eu empowers you to download anime substance for nothing and the office is very great. This enables you to keep the substance downloaded on your gadget and appreciate them when you are free regardless of whether you don’t have a functioning web association at that point.

18. Torrentz2.eu

We have come to an end of our list of recommendations with a massively prominent torrent web crawler. Torrentz2 works by checking an enormous rundown of sites for torrenting. In this way, on the off chance that you write a name of an anime, you will see which anime destinations contain that document.

At that point, you’ll get the chance to pick a site and continue with whatever is left of the procedure. It works simply like Google, yet for the universe of torrents. In the event that nothing else works, Torrentz2 ought to be your definitive advance in finding the content you need to download.

Now that we have discussed the top 18 websites that lets you enjoy free anime contents, it is now up to you to do your own research and choose on the most suitable website that meets all your needs.

Happy torrenting!